Homemade Uncrustables

*I am not being paid to promote this product and will not receive anything by you clicking the link I am providing. I just wanted to share a tool that we use consistently in our house that makes lunchtime easier for our autistic kiddos.

Oliver, thankfully, is ever so slightly less of a picky eater than his older sister but he absolutely loves uncrustables.

I don’t know if it’s because they are cold or if it’s because there is no crust, but the shape is ideal to him and when he sees one he will eat it, no questions asked — doesn’t matter if it’s strawberry or blueberry jam, what have you. The shape is key.

So because I am *somewhat* of a budget girl, I realized I can’t be spending all of my hard earned dimes on name-brand sandwiches.

This is my brain each time I picked them up in the freezer section: I’m buying someone for PBJs without crust?! I can do this myself.

Well, thanks to amazon I can. Luckily, you can too with this fun Pampered Chef tool.

Granted, there are a ton of different options on there from metal to plastic cutters but I figured I have a lot of moms who seem to enjoy Pampered Chef so I’ll try their version first, and it works! And no, I’m not having a party.

With the tool, you basically make your typical PB&J (or honestly whatever kind of sandwich you want) and then press down the tool in the center of the sandwich, do a little twist, and voila!

You have even the same kind of ridges and “no crust” like the store brand option.

So basically this post is all about how I am doing that one Pinterest-savvy mom trick for kids meals, and it’s only because I can’t dare spend another dollar towards someone else making my kids better PBJs they will eat.

Pro Tip: I made multiple of these at a time and freeze them so that lunchtime is even simpler during the week when things can get hectic.