I would like to say I have a love-hate relationship with our pool after the first three months. Man have I learned a lot about pool maintenance in a short period of time!

One of the things we knew about this house when we purchased it is the poor water: we have a lot of sediment in our water and iron. Let’s just say our toilets are only non-orange when guests come over? It’s an exhausting process trying to get rid of iron stains!

Now, eventually, we plan to dig a new well (we know that our current well is roughly under 30 feet deep, and we plan to dig a new one over 200 feet deep in 2022) but while we wait on that project, we realized we could make an easy fix to the water hydrant next to our pool! Enter the RV inline water filter.

By adding this, we’ve realized that we are eliminating the amount of sediment and iron that goes into our pool each time we have to fill due to backwashing. It only took us three months to realize that our main issue with our pool was controlling sediment and metal (confused it with algae for some time), but boy have we been pleased with this DIY hack!

So if you are having issues controlling the metal and sediment in your pool, go to your local hardware store (we found ours at Ace Hardware) and pick up an inline water filter. It hooks up directly to your hydrant and has a hose connection, so you don’t need any more tools than that!