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Now that we’ve lived in the house a week, we were itching to start painting right away! So we decided to start tackling two projects at once: the sunroom that exits out to the pool area and also the stairs that lead from upstairs into the kitchen.

I’ve been agonizing over how to mix victorian style with a modern twist, and on Pinterest I started seeing a bunch of painted stairs and realized we could do this! The kitchen stairs aren’t the most focal staircase in the house, and since we plan on keeping the main stairwell as original as possible, the kitchen stairs are where we wanted to get a little bold.

Besides a few holes here and there that we are going to fill with wood putty, the stairs were in great shape. Lucky for me, my mom spent a few days cleaning the banister. Here’s a quick before and after:

The top is the original state, and the bottom is the fresh start! We’re debating between oiling or just using a poly coat so TBD on that.

So far the project has taken two nights (if you don’t have kids, or at least one child who refuses to fall asleep right away, you could likely do this project much faster than me) and by the end of the week we’ll have our final outcome! Here is a progress shot of the first coat:

And here is the stairs with the first coat completed! Stay tuned for the final product (hopefully by the end of the week)!

Project Cost: $0 (we already had blue paint on hand)

Project Time: 2 Hours (including cleaning stairs)

Products Used: Benjamin Moore Paint “Midnight Oil” / Trim Paintbrush

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