This afternoon we finally closed on Swan Meadow! As I type this, it still doesn’t feel entirely real that this is happening. Jason and I have always imagined that we’d buy a historic home one day — but that day is TODAY!

Sunday is the big move day for us! Tomorrow Jason has to be a tent attendant at a super fun wedding, so I’ll be spending the day schlepping boxes over slowly in my SUV and giving the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms a good clean so they are ready for move-in!

For the past eleven years, we’ve lived in roughly 1100 square feet so let’s be honest, we don’t have much to move in — but stay tuned! Tonight we popped some champagne in the kitchen and went out to eat at a local restaurant to celebrate. Tomorrow the real work begins!

The day we got our keys to this beauty! We debated taking this photo since it was raining, but then we realized we should probably still memorialize this moment even if it wasn’t the greatest weather for it. You only get the keys once!